Kenyan Pastor Lucy Natasha and Indian Prophet Stanley Carmel’s Spectacular Engagement Ceremony

Rev. Lucy Natasha, a renowned prophetess from Kenya, got engaged to her fiance, Prophet Stanley Carmel, in a vibrant Indian-themed engagement ceremony at the Boma Hotel in Kenya on November 27, 2021. The couple was surrounded by their loved ones and close friends during the event. Prophet Stanley, who has Canadian, Caucasian, and Indian roots, romantically proposed to Rev. Natasha by getting down on one knee.

The businessman, preacher and philanthropist, Prophet Stanley Carmel, explained how he met Rev. Lucy Natasha, his fiancée. He said that he came across a four-minute clip of her preaching on “Royal Weddings,” a topic that he had also preached on. The incident happened in 2017 when he was invited to preach in a film director’s house. After his preaching, the wife of the film director showed him the clip and informed him that it was from a Kenyan female preacher. Prophet Stanley watched the clip and immediately felt a connection with Rev. Natasha. They eventually met in person during a ministerial assignment in the United States, and the rest was history.

He mentioned that he sent her a private message after seeing her preaching clip, and they later met in person during a ministry assignment in the United States. The couple’s love story has blossomed since then. Prophet Stanley expressed his admiration for his fiancée’s compassion and unique qualities.

See beautiful pictures from the trending event below:







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