Pictures: Erelu Princess Mary Wellington marks Sister’s Birthday with a Dinner Party in Texas

A dinner party was hosted by Erelu Princess Mary Wellington, also known as the Erelu Mayegun of Ijero Ekiti and the Yeye Bobagunwa of Erinmo Land, to celebrate the birthday of her younger sister, Mabel.

A dinner party with an all-women theme was organized in Westheimer Road, Houston Texas to celebrate the birthday of Mabel, the sister of Erelu Princess Mary Wellington, who is also the Yeye Bobagunwa of Erinmo Land and the Erelu Mayegun of Ijero Ekiti. The guest list was made up of stylish women and close friends, who dressed up in gorgeous dinner outfits to partake in the celebration.

The attendees enjoyed a delicious meal together at a table that was adorned with a variety of tasty foods, including main courses, desserts, confectioneries, and more.


Excel Global Media Inc. USA Team covered the splendid celebration, which was attended by a group of elegant women and close friends, and featured a beautifully decorated table with delicious dishes ranging from the main course to desserts and confectioneries. Mr. Boniface Iheasota, CEO of Excel Global Media Group, also congratulated the celebrant and wished her a joyous future.



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