The third anniversary of the Royal Divas Foundation was celebrated in a grand and impressive manner.

The Royal Divas Foundation celebrated its third anniversary on December 5th, 2021, with a grand event. Initially, the foundation was formed by a few friends to support one another and gradually became a social group in February 2018. It was officially registered in October 2018 and has been making a positive impact on society ever since, thanks to the support of well-meaning individuals. The third-anniversary celebration was a time for the group to celebrate life, friendship, charity and induct new members into the organization.

The festive occasion was full of excitement, laughter, dance performances, refreshments, and a significant turnout. The Royal Divas made a remarkable impression and demonstrated that they are models of excellence.

In line with Rick Goings’ observation that “Some things just cannot wait. Men must stand up now for women’s equality,” many distinguished men showed up at the event to demonstrate their support for the Royal Divas through their donations and sponsorships.

Mrs. Chinyere Okpalagu, the congenial President of the foundation, gave a speech during the event, where she thanked all the guests who attended on behalf of the group. She reserved special recognition for the group’s patrons, Chief Kingsley Okey Nwachukwu and Chief Ernest Uzuagu.

At the event, Mrs. Chinyere Okpalagu, the friendly president of the foundation, expressed gratitude to all guests on behalf of the group and gave a special shout-out to the foundation’s patrons, Chief Kingsley Okey Nwachukwu and Chief Ernest Uzuagu, as well as the group’s patroness, Mrs. Akabueze Annabelle Ugochukwu, and Vice President, Mrs. Adaeze Nwaka. She also thanked other executives, supporters, and well-wishers.

Mrs. Okpalagu took the opportunity to showcase the group’s numerous accomplishments since its establishment. Additionally, during the celebration, Mrs. Blessing Egwuom delivered a keynote speech on “The Future Focused Woman,” urging women to serve as role models in society by upholding values and accountability.

The event was filled with fun, comedy, dance performances, refreshments, and a large turnout, making it a memorable occasion. The Royal Divas proudly displayed their grandeur, proving to the world that they are exemplary figures worth emulating, as quoted by Rick Goings, “Some things just cannot wait. Men must stand up now for women’s equality.” Several honorable men were present at the event, showing their support for the Royal Divas through donations and sponsorships.

The keynote speaker, Mrs. Blessing Egwuom, emphasized that women should reflect on the past, engage in self-discovery, and identify their life purpose to achieve a successful future. She advised women to remain focused, overcome challenges, enhance their intellect, develop problem-solving skills, build their capacity, create a plan, position themselves for opportunities, and accumulate resources.

Mr. Boniface Ihiasota, the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Excel Media International, flew in from the United States to attend the event. He expressed his satisfaction with the progress made by the Divas in a short period of time and offered his support and prayers to the group. He encouraged them to continue their good work.

Honourable Mrs. Ashara Maureen Chika, the Executive Vice Chairman of Amuwo Odofin LGA, graced the colourful event and delivered a speech praising the Royal Divas for their great initiative. The high point of the event was the induction of new members and the presentation of Okiki Noah, a young writer whose publishing dreams were made possible by the group.

Mrs. Adaeze Nwaka, the Vice President, highlighted the group’s other achievements and urged its patrons and sponsors to continue supporting them in any way possible. The event was filled with fun, music, and dance, and outstanding members were recognized with awards and gifts for their contributions to the group.

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