Africa Day: Must-known facts about it

Africa Day: Must-known facts about it

African Day, formerly known as African Freedom Day or Liberation Day, is an annual celebration that commemorates the formation of the African Union, which replaced the Organization of African Unity. The African Union was originally created to promote unity and solidarity among African states, and it currently has 54 member states, excluding Morocco, which withdrew from the union in 1985. Ghana’s achievement of independence on March 6, 1957, under the leadership of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, inspired other African countries to fight for their freedom from colonial powers, and this led to the formation of the African Union.


The celebration of Africa Day symbolizes the determination of African people to free themselves from foreign domination and exploitation. It is an annual celebration recognized in various countries on the African continent and around the world since the consensus that was made at the first conference on May 25, 1963. Although Africa Day is officially celebrated on May 25, some countries prefer longer celebrations that extend to days and weeks, depending on the events and programs at hand.


Each year, a theme is set for Africa Day. The 2022 theme focuses on the importance of addressing malnutrition and food insecurity across Africa, which are pressing issues in many African countries. Africa Day is recognized as a public holiday in some African countries such as Ghana, Chad, Mali, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Lesotho, while other African countries and countries around the world commemorate the day with academic and cultural gatherings to reflect on the relevance of Africa Day.

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