Amiyah Danielle Roberts – Miss Texas America Nation 2022

Amiyah Danielle Roberts – Miss Texas America Nation 2022

10 years-old Amiyah Danielle Roberts shone bright like a diamond in June 2021 as she emerged Miss Texas America Nation 2022 after a rigorous competition. A Houston resident, she is Captain of the cheer team and Honor Roll Student at A. A. Milne Elementary. In this interview, the dazzling beauty with brains speaks about the Miss America Nation contest and her plans to use her new position to inspire other kids to achieve success, self-esteem and serve humanity.

Excel Magazine International: When did you start pageantry?

The Miss Texas America Nation pageant is the first pageant that I participated in. The pageant was held in June 2021. I am very much looking forward to continuing in pageantry. I really enjoy what I do.


Excel Magazine International: Why did you decide to compete in the Miss Texas America Nation pageant?

When watching pageant shows on TV, I saw a vision of me as beautiful and walking on the runway. I wanted the opportunity to see what it feels likes wearing fashionable clothing on the runway. I also wanted to be an example to other youths, to give them more self-esteem about themselves and be more confident in themselves. I believe that if they would give it a try, they too will feel as I do.


Excel Magazine International: Tell us about the Miss Texas America Nation pageant.

The pageant represents beauty with inspiration and unites diverse natives by helping youths to discover their platform and building self-confidence. They inspire girls and women to become their best professionally and personally.


Excel Magazine International: What does it mean to be Miss Texas America Nation 2022?

It means leadership, being a role model to other youth and helping to build up their self-esteem. Being Miss Texas America Nation 2022 means the world to me and I want to make everyone so proud of me.


Excel Magazine International: What were the parameters you were judged at the contest?

The judges reviewed my personality, my fashion / cultural attire, my facial expressions, modeling (walk), and service through my individual platform and community service.


Excel Magazine International: What distinguished you from the other contenders?

I am beautiful. I have self-control and am sure of myself. I have a positive personality and a beautiful smile. So why wouldn’t I stand out, Lol.

Excel Magazine International: What activities do you intend to carry out with your new position?

Helping with the food pantry at Catholic Charities, giving to the families coming from different counties in Texas. This year I am helping with the toy’s giveaway for the children in the community in Richmond, Texas.


Excel Magazine International: What were the things you did in preparation for the competition? Did you receive any coaching or training for the pageant?

I watched pageant videos with more experienced Queens and learned how to walk for the runway segment. My Aunt Loronda coached me on interview skills and most of all, I listened to Dr. Krystal Okeke on Zoom meetings. I learned to walk with pride, keep a happy face, keep my head and chin up.


Excel Magazine International: What lessons did you learn from the pageant and how did participation impact your life?

It helped me to be more open and do new things I have never done before. The pageant also helped me fellowship and communicate better with my friends and family. I learned to just put more energy on the runway and into what I am doing, stay focused and have more confidence in myself.


Excel Magazine International: How did you feel when you emerged as the winner – Miss Texas America Nation 2022?

When I was chosen to be Miss Texas America Nation 2022, I was very delighted, happy and so excited. I felt so special. This made me felt like I was appreciated and someone must have seen something in me.

Excel Magazine International: You are a role model to many young girls. How do you feel about being a source of inspiration to so many girls?

It feels great and makes me so very happy knowing that I am and can be an inspiration to others. I take this pageant very serious and with pride and enjoy being an inspiration. I have one sister and one brother and they love seeing their big sister in action.


Excel Magazine International: What is your advice to other pageant contestants?

For the interviews, keep your answers short, sweet and simple but well detailed. Be yourself, slow down and listen to the question closely so you can get a good understanding of what is being asked. And don’t get excited, stay calm.


When choosing clothes to wear at the pageant, get colors that agree with your complexion and your personality. Wear clothes that fit your body and dresses that are eye catching to the judges so that they would remember you.


Excel Magazine International: Since you won the title, have you made any appearances?

Yes! Chicago Kids Multicultural fashion show 2021, Las Vegas Kids Multicultural fashion show 2021, photo shoots and acting in plays in Houston, Texas. I am looking forward to doing many more appearances because I love traveling and meeting people.


Excel Magazine International: What are your plans for 2022?

I want to be more about my platform which is building Self Confidence in youth empowerment and reaching out more to my age group. I also want to do more volunteering in the community and get more involved with the food pantry at Catholic Charity.


Excel Magazine International: Tell us about some of your achievements.

I am Captain of the cheer team, Honor Roll Student at A. A. Milne Elementary, and top in my class. I got the opportunity to make my vision come true by winning became Miss Texas America Nation 2022, being in a fashion show and acting. Also, in my choir at church, I was chosen to be one of the lead singers.


Excel Magazine International: What are your hobbies?

I love singing, cheering, swimming, dancing, modeling, acting and spending time with my family.


Excel Magazine International: You recently acted in “Why Do Love Hurt So Much” stage play in Houston Texas and several fashion shows including Union High School Fashion Show in Bastrop, Louisiana. How did you get into modeling and acting?

I love both acting and fashion modeling as it comes natural to me. Although I am just starting out, I do hope in the near future to have many more experiences to come in both fashion shows and acting.


Excel Magazine International: What would you want to be remembered for as queen?

Giving a little bit of myself and that is knowing that I had self-control, confidence, love that I have for people, knowing me with a beautiful smile and know that I took this pageant very serious. I am raised by my great grandmother, and she has always shown me how to love, be caring, and have confidence. She told me that if I do anything, I must do it well and put all I have into it. That’s any and everything, and never let anyone tell me what I cannot do, and if I fall, try to get up and never give up.




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