Anointed, Energetic and Youthful: The Profile of Evangelist Dr. Gospel Agochukwu

Anointed, Energetic and Youthful: The Profile of Evangelist Dr. Gospel Agochukwu

In  this edition, our celebrity spotlight is on Evangelist Dr. Gospel Agochukwu (JP), the founder and General Overseer of Shekinah Arena Ministries. Hailing from Awalla, an autonomous community in Isiekenesi, Ideato-South local government area of Imo state, Nigeria, this Port Harcourt-based pastor will be the focus of our attention.

According to reports, Gospel Agochukwu’s birth was significant, as he was delivered in a Scripture Union crusade ground, where he was named “Gospel” by the preacher. Gospel Agochukwu was born to the late Mr Boniface and Mrs Beatrice Ngozi Agochukwu, and since then, spreading the gospel to the world has been his primary objective.

He remembered an incident where a dove entered the church on the day of his dedication, and the officiating Priest declared him to be an exceptional child. According to him, “On the day of my dedication, my mother witnessed a dove flying into the church, and the Priest in charge, the late Very Reverend Onyenankeya, interpreted it to mean that the child is not ordinary. My mother is still alive, and you can ask her.”

Evangelist Gospel Agochukwu (JP) started his pastoral journey back in 2009 as a resident pastor at St. Charles Methodist Church Irete, Owerri West Imo state, where he served for several years. He recounted on his verified Facebook page that he was given a church to pastor at Irete in his SS1 by a Methodist church. He would change into his school uniform at the back of the altar, mount the pulpit, and minister to people. He expressed that he was not aware that God was grooming him for his future endeavors. Through that experience, he received the vision to spread the gospel to all nations of the earth.

As a result of this vision, Evangelist Gospel created several initiatives including Shekinah Arena Ministry, Gospel Agochukwu Doing-good (Charity), Gospel Agochukwu Books (covering topics such as Dealing with Masquerade Spirit, Judging Unpleasant Situations, and Mind-set for Proper Positioning), Shekinah Tv Media, Gospel Agochukwu Armor Bearers (which focuses on raising prophets), and other private and collaborative evangelistic efforts in various locations around the world, including South Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, and Asia.

Evangelist Gospel pursued a degree in English Education and Literary Studies at Alvan Campus, University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), and later went on to do his postgraduate studies in Theology. He eventually earned his PhD in Christian Religious Education from Kings International Theological Seminary.

Evangelist Gospel is not only a pastor, but also a motivational speaker, itinerant preacher, counselor, and effective communicator. He is renowned for his practical and dynamic teachings, as well as his apostolic demonstrations which have greatly benefited many individuals, households, and marriages by applying scriptural truths to their daily lives.

His thirst for knowledge about God has taken him on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in Israel and his spiritual legacy exemplifies his continuous pursuit of a deeper understanding of God. His impact is reflected by numerous testimonies from different nations worldwide.

Evangelist Gospel Agochukwu is married to Mummy Faith Chidera-Gospel Agochukwu, who hails from Enugu State. Together, they have been blessed with five children – three daughters and two sons named Stephanie, Resurrection, Impact, Exploit (twins), and Junior Gospel.

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