Erelu Mayegun of Ijero Ekiti at 51

Erelu Mayegun of Ijero Ekiti at 51

“To me, a birthday means celebrating the presence of an individual in our lives”- Meena Bajaj

Mr. Boniface Iheasota, representing Excel Global Media Group Inc. USA, extends his congratulations to Princess Mary Wellington on her 51st birthday, acknowledging her as a remarkable and influential woman, also known as Erelu Mayegun of Ijero Ekiti and Yeye Bobagunwa of Erinmo.

We are delighted to have Erelu Princess Wellington as a member of our family, and it is pleasing to see her reach this milestone. As one of our women leaders, it is a privilege to celebrate her special day every year

We, at Excel Global Media Group Inc USA, extend our best wishes to you, Erelu Princess Wellington, for more years of beauty and grace as you start a new phase of your life.



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