Excel Magazine International

Excel Magazine International

Excel Magazine International is a global collector’s piece that focuses on projecting Africa’s events, people, places, culture, and tourism for global appreciation. Driven by a team of prolific writers, experienced and seasoned professionals with the knack for creativity and ideas that work, our focus is the celebration of excellence in People, Events and Places by applying the finest principles of developmental journalism.

With the highly educational, entertaining and inspiring content of our magazine coupled with the fact that we promote corporate and personal advancement, development and growth, the magazine enjoys an overwhelming acceptability, high level patronage and a large loyal readership across the globe.

Excel Magazine International is dedicated to celebrating outstanding Africans in the diaspora and around the globe. We believe that those who are putting the continent on the map of development and showcasing Africa to the world deserve celebration. Africans have continued to break barriers around the world setting the pace and standard for innovations, records and inventions. We strongly believe that the development of Africa revolves around how we appreciate our own people who have become role models for other continents. The world has witnessed unprecedented black power and we cannot but ensure that the black community gets all the media reportage possible through our globally accepted brand.

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