How Brokenness Led Me to Acting — Ayoola Ayolola

How Brokenness Led Me to Acting — Ayoola Ayolola

How Brokenness Led Me to Acting — Ayoola Ayolola

Nollywood actor Ayoola Ayolola has shared the driving force behind his journey into acting, shedding light on his early days and pivotal moments in his career.

Rising to prominence following his victory in Project Fame in 2012, Ayolola recently sat down with media personality Chude Jideonwo to discuss his passion for acting.

Reflecting on his path, Ayolola revealed, “I always knew I could act. I had this mindset that my stage performances were a form of acting. No matter the circumstances, I always delivered on stage, which instilled the confidence to pursue acting.” However, it wasn’t until facing financial hardship that he fully committed to the craft.

“After winning Project Fame, I aimed to establish myself as a singer. Yet, I failed to capitalize on opportunities and soon faced dire financial struggles,” Ayolola disclosed.

“I wasn’t hungry for success, but literally starving, unable to afford basic necessities. Despite owning a car from the competition, I lacked liquidity and financial foresight.”

Recalling a turning point, Ayolola recounted his decision to audition for a movie role in Ikeja. “I realized that music wasn’t my only avenue. I decided to explore acting,” he recounted. “I attended an audition at Galaxy TV, surrounded by countless hopefuls. Initially hesitant, I nearly left before being called to audition.”

Describing the audition process, Ayolola shared, “After performing the audition, I was offered the role on the spot.” This marked a pivotal moment in his career, propelling him into the world of acting.

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