How Nigerian US-Born Roxy Ndebumadu Weathering the Storm as First Black Councilwoman in Bowie, District 4

How Nigerian US-Born Roxy Ndebumadu Weathering the Storm as First Black Councilwoman in Bowie, District 4

How Nigerian US-Born Roxy Ndebumadu Weathering the Storm as First Black Councilwoman in Bowie, District 4

Roxy Ndebumadu, a Nigerian US-born Councilwoman for the City of Bowie, Maryland, is recognized as a visionary leader known for her contributions to ethical AI, government technology modernization, and the evaluation of customer experience and online harms on consumer behavior.

Ndebumadu recently shared insights with Excel Magazine International regarding her political journey, background, and achievements among others.

In 2019, Mayor Pro Tem Ndebumadu made history as the youngest female to be elected and inaugurated as a Councilwoman for the City of Bowie, Maryland, becoming the first Black woman to represent District 4 at the age of 26.

In 2023, she won reelection with 51% of the vote in a three-way contest, solidifying her status as the youngest two-term Councilmember in Bowie’s history.

She spearheaded the establishment of the Friendship Aspire Bowie STEM Academy, set to commence operations in August 2024.

Utilizing her experience at tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Twitch, she transitioned into entrepreneurship, driving innovation in AI and customer experience across regulated sectors as her commitment to promoting ethical AI practices, notably through The AI Trust Foundation, has been instrumental in fostering industry-wide advancements.

Reflecting on her entry into politics, Ndebumadu discussed the blend of emotions she experienced, highlighting both joy in representing her community and sadness at the historical delay in Black female representation.

“I feel mix feelings. Two big feelings in particularly. The first one is joy and happiness to be able to finally represent District 4. That’s number 1. The community that is 58% Black. I feel joy to be chosen to represent the community I come from. But I also feel sadness that it take this long, in 2019 for me to be the first Black woman to represent the District 4. I feel sad for that,” she told Excel Magazine International.

“I think the biggest challenge that I face is being underestimated because of my age. When I first won elected office, I was 26 years old and I think a lot of people didn’t take me seriously. Infact I was going crazy. And some people believed I wouldn’t be able to make it or be effective in the political environment that too critically control by men.

“The second challenge is I was underestimated because of my ethnicity. I think because some people make the assumption that I am a blackwoman and not emotionally intelligent to be able to navigate a highly contentious and bureaucratic environment.

Sharing with Excel Magazine International further on how she has been weathering the storm from age and ethnicity-based biases, she drew on her Microsoft training and her mother’s resilience to navigate and thrive in the political arena.

“I have been able to transparently put in practice the training I got from Microsoft,” Ndebumadu said.

“Honestly, my time at Microsoft really defined a lot portion of my leadership and also my Nigerian mother.

“My mother is the most accomplished and savvy businesswoman I have ever met in my life. I have been able to learn from my mother on how men often underestimated her and how she’s been able to navigate those phases has helped me to learn the skills and the tactics to use with people who underestimate me to my own advantage.”

Hailing from Abia State, Nigeria, Roxy’s upbringing in a culturally rich environment deeply influences her perspective and leadership style. Fluent in Igbo and deeply connected to her roots, she embodies a multifaceted identity that enriches her approach to governance and community engagement.

“I am from Abia State in Nigeria. Although I was born in the US. I spent my childhood in Nigeria. I have been to Nigeria like 17 times. I understand Igbo. I speak Igbo. Most people don’t know. I don’t need to tell them.

Among her proudest accomplishments lies her instrumental role in establishing Bowie City’s first STEM-based school, acknowledging her dedication to fostering educational excellence and innovation within her constituency.

“I am proud of my accomplishments in Education. Specifically, I led the efforts to get the first STEM-based child school for Bowie City. The school is opening this year. It will be in three months’ time. That is a big deal. It is first of its kind.

She has served on numerous State Boards and is a Fellow at Rodel Institute and Vital Voices. You can catch Roxy contributing to insights on geopolitical opportunities, emerging technology trends, small business shifts, economic development, and U.S. policy impacts across various mediums.

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