Keonia Small: Texas-Based Model Making Waves for International Takeover

Keonia Small: Texas-Based Model Making Waves for International Takeover

Today, our focus is on Keonia Small, a highly ambitious and talented model based in Texas who is rapidly gaining popularity. Despite facing various obstacles, her determination and enthusiasm for the modeling industry have consistently propelled her towards achieving international success. In this interview, she shares her captivating journey of becoming a role model for those who strive to overcome limitations and approach the future with positivity.


Tell us about yourself.


My name is Keonia Small, but I like to be called Reina key. I am 28 years old. I live in Texas, USA. My height is 5’4″. I am studying to be a dental hygienist at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

I am a force to be reckoned with, I am a published model, actress, influencer, brand ambassador, dancer, runway model, print model, create choreography, a ghost writer, video girl, and have been in a reality YouTube series (‘Taking over Houston’).

I am a loving mother of two; a 7-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter. I love nature, meditating, and positive energy. I live life and I do not try to be anyone else but myself. I believe that nothing in life has a time frame. I was born in Port Arthur, Texas. I travelled most of my time growing up.

When did you start your modelling career and how?


I started modeling about 4 years ago. It was my cousin’s dream and she wanted me to pursue modeling for her, because of her brain tumor and she didn’t have long to live. So before she passed away I gave her my word that I will kill the runways/pictures and while doing so I fell in love with the modeling industry.


Asides modeling, what else do you do?


When I’m not busy modeling, I like to spend time with my family, going swimming, being around nature, and watching movies.

Do you identify as a runway model or print model?


I don’t consider myself more as a runway model nor as print model. I feel that I do both very well. I have experience in almost all genres of modeling Runway modeling, Swimsuit & Lingerie model, Commercial, Fitness modeling, Fit modeling, Glamour, Print and Promotional.

What are your career goals?


I aspire to become an international model. My goal is to go overseas and go to New York Fashion Week and to push myself to no limits. They do not exist.

Some notable people in the industry you’ve worked with?


I’ve worked with the Heartbeat campaign, Soyummy, Billiie eilish, Disney, Book smart, 8fit, Pixels, Toms, MT. Baker Vapor, Carma Project, Stop focus Studios Houston, Downing, Markforfashion, Jwilson photography, Mrs. Jannette, Mrs. Tanya jewelry bar, Foreign boutique, Ceasar, KTBeautyBoom, Afwhouston and Lomzy1.

I’ve also worked in Austin, Houston, Texas, all parts of California, Vegas and Nevada


Your Measurements?


140lbs, Bust: 34 1/2, Waist: 28 1/2, Hip: 41, Neck/shoulder: 13R & 15 1/2L, CF to waist: 13, CB towaist: 14 1/2, Waist to floor: 42 1/4, Inseam: 31, Arm length: 22 1/4R & 22 1/2L, Arm bicept: 11 R & L, Wrist: 6 R & L, Thigh: 23 R & 24 R, Thigh above the knee 2″: , 18 1/2, Shoes: 8 1/2, Height: 5’4.


Instagram: @Reina_key

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