Loveth Ebede Named Excel Magazine’s Beauty Icon

Loveth Ebede Named Excel Magazine’s Beauty Icon

Excel Magazine International has declared Loveth Ebede, an experienced individual and a Nigerian film industry performer, as the recipient of the brand’s Beauty of the Week award.

Ihiasota Boniface, the CEO of Excel Magazine International, acknowledged that Loveth Ebede’s victory was well-deserved due to her exceptional beauty and personal contributions to society. He emphasized the brand’s commitment to recognizing excellent individuals like Loveth and stated that the recognition program is part of their efforts to appropriately celebrate outstanding personalities.

Excel Magazine International is a media company with a worldwide reach that is devoted to recognizing and showcasing exceptional individuals and promoting Africa and Africans around the world. The company has a presence in more than 30 nations, including Nigeria, and its headquarters is based in the United States of America.

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