Miss USA, Noelia Voigt Resigns Title

Miss USA, Noelia Voigt Resigns Title

Miss USA, Noelia Voigt Resigns Title

Reigning Miss USA Noelia Voigt has tendered her resignation, citing mental health challenges.

In an Instagram post seen by Excel Magazine International, the 24-year-old Venezuelan-American from Utah noted the importance of prioritizing mental and physical well-being.

The Miss USA organization has expressed support for her decision and is in the process of selecting a successor.

Ms. Voigt expressed gratitude for her seven-month tenure, noting the platform it provided to inspire others.

While health professionals commended her decision, speculation about her motivations has arisen among fans.

Dr. Jen Ashton, an American health correspondent, said the severity of mental health challenges in the workplace, likening them to life-threatening medical conditions.

Following Ms. Voigt’s announcement, Claudia Michelle, the social media director for Miss USA, also resigned, citing workplace toxicity and bullying.

Ms. Michelle claimed to have witnessed a decline in Ms. Voigt’s mental health during their collaboration.

However, Miss USA rebutted these claims, affirming its commitment to a safe and supportive environment.

Social media users noted an intriguing pattern in Ms. Voigt’s resignation statement, with the first letters of each sentence spelling out “I AM SILENCED,” and the final three spelling “HIP.” This observation sparked further discussion online.

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