Princess Yemisi, the Yeye Mayeigun of Erinmo, marks her 61st birthday in an extravagant manner.

Princess Yemisi, the Yeye Mayeigun of Erinmo, marks her 61st birthday in an extravagant manner.

Princess Yemisi Wellington Alufa, the Yeye mayeigun of Erinmo land, celebrated her 61st birthday in Houston, United States of America, in a grand style. The occasion was graced by numerous personalities who praised and celebrated the character of Princess Yemisi. The event featured beautiful pink-themed dressing, which added to its elegance, colorfulness, and natural beauty.

Boniface Ihiasota, the Chief Executive Officer of EXCEL GLOBAL MEDIA GROUP and Publisher of the EXCEL MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL, was in attendance at the event and led the EXCEL team to the elegant occasion.

“Happy birthday Aunty Wellington Alufa,, last night was a blast and the pink theme was perfect. Wishing you more life and prosperity” he wrote.

Princess Erelu Wellington, the sister-in-law to the Princess, had nothing but wonderful words for her

“You are beautiful inside and outside; congratulations on this new milestone in your life, my ever young sister-in-law” she penned in a beautiful message.

Nike Kotun described the party as beautiful, highlighting the exceptional nature of the event.

Toyin Oke noted that the celebrant made Sixty look like 40.

The event also had the presence of the EXCEL MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL team

“Princess Yemi Wellington Alufa is an accomplished and refined figure, who has triumphed over her surroundings, yet maintains her modesty. She is a well-rounded individual who has made significant contributions in various fields, and possesses admirable social, spiritual, and political qualities.

She is not just an ordinary individual, but an extraordinary one, endowed with diverse leadership qualities in all the areas she has ventured into. Green Orchids are believed to bring good luck and prosperity, symbolizing good health, nature, and longevity.”

While thanking different personalities, Princess Wellington said;

“For your love, support, prayers, gifts in cash and kind, for making my birthday a memorable one. Thank you for caring for me, I appreciate”

Boniface Ihiasota, the Publisher of EXCEL MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL, announced that the magazine will release unique photographs of the occasion in the worldwide edition of the publication to make them accessible worldwide

Boniface explains that this event reflects the manner of celebration and exemplifies the standards of quality and attractiveness that the EXCEL MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL is known for.

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