Washington DC ISWA Adopts Excel Magazine Publisher as Strategic Partner

Washington DC ISWA Adopts Excel Magazine Publisher as Strategic Partner

Washington DC ISWA Adopts Excel Magazine Publisher As Strategic Partner

…Appreciates Members’ Commitment With Boat Cruise Lunch

On Sunday, July 18, the Imo State Women Association (ISWA) in Washington DC, which is a group of women from Imo State in Nigeria residing in the United States, organized a boat cruise lunch event to celebrate their dedication to the organization.

ISWA is a group of women who were either born in or married into Imo State and currently reside in Washington DC, USA. The members of the group come from various professions such as nursing, medicine, teaching, entrepreneurship, pharmacy, and computer engineering, among others. They are not only professionals but also mothers and wives who recognize the problems that the native communities in their home state face and are working to alleviate these challenges. The organization has been operating for more than ten years and is guided by the principle of “Peace and Love.”

Dr. Iyom Sussie Okoro Igolo was the founder and first president of the ISWA. She was succeeded by Chief Ndidi Nwaogu Mkpurumma, also known as Ada Olaedo, a financial expert and accountant. Currently, Chief Mrs. Genevieve N Ibe, Ugogbuzuo Ochakee, is the third president of the organization.

Mrs. Ibe expressed gratitude to the founders of the organization for their exceptional leadership in establishing ISWA, and promised that members would continue to work hard to develop the association and ensure its significance.

Mrs. Ibe told ISWA members, “This association is one of a kind and I’m privileged to be your leader. As we continue on our journey, we will continue to live by our motto and ardently work hard to foster the vision of our philanthropic efforts with the aide of friends and well wishers to accomplish the tasks at hand.”

ISWA has carried out several initiatives in healthcare and education since its establishment, such as renovating health centers and schools in Imo State, Nigeria, supplying schools with educational materials and medical equipment, digging boreholes in different communities to provide clean water, and delivering relief materials to various communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. ISWA was able to achieve these goals through the backing of its members, their spouses, associates, stakeholders, and benefactors.

During the boat cruise, the ISWA President expressed gratitude to all those who have supported the organization in one way or another. She gave special recognition to Emeka J. Ibe, who served as the fundraising officer for ISWA’s projects and ensured successful outcomes. In addition, she announced that Excel Global Media Group Inc. CEO and Excel Magazine International Publisher, Boniface Ihiasota, along with the magazine, have been adopted as strategic partners of ISWA.

Speaking on the partnership between ISWA and Excel Magazine International and the reason behind the adoption of Excel Magazine , it’s Publisher and CEO of Excel Global Media Group Inc, Mr. Ihiasota as partners in progress, the President of ISWA, Chief Mrs. Ibe appreciated the commitment of Excel to ISWA, adding, “There are other associations, but Excel Magazine and it’s Publisher chose us. I want you to know and appreciate the magnitude of the love he has for us, I want us to appreciate him, because to move with us, it is not by our power or might, it’s just pure love from his heart and love for the association.

“He has always admired our association from afar and now, you see why we do have honourary members? So we are going to incorporate him as one of our own. He is now officially our ISWA man; and he would continue to excel in all his endeavours.

“So, women of timber and caliber, women who move mountains, women who shake Washington DC, once we are behind him, he knows the sky is his starting point, so we have to sponsor him in everything he is doing. So, ISWA members, we have our own Excel in the house. This is our own Excel Magazine – we have adopted him and he has adopted us.” said the President of ISWA, Chief Mrs. Ibe.

The CEO and Publisher of Excel Magazine International expressed gratitude to ISWA for their adoption of him and his magazine as strategic partners, stating that promoting excellence among Africans worldwide was one of his top priorities. He said, “I was optimistic in building synergy with organisations of meaningful purpose and giving back to our homeland and ISWA is one of the organisations I have considered very viable to the development of Imo State, Nigeria, where they come from.”

Boniface Ihiasota, CEO/Publisher, Excel Magazine International
Boniface Ihiasota, CEO/Publisher, Excel Magazine International

Ihiasota further stated that “They have a whole lot of projects every year – the women contribute their money and send to their various communities of origin to embark on one project or the other and I feel that this is a good feat for Excel Magazine and I love the hard work and the consistency and leadership role of the President of ISWA, who has been playing very vital roles since her adoption and honour in good faith.”

“As a company, we promise that we would, just like she said that we would, excel to greater heights together, and we would do our best to project ISWA to the highest height by the grace of God.”

Present at the boat cruise lunch were: Chief Mrs Ibe, Uloma Nwogu, Nnenna Anyikuide, Sussie Okoro, Gloria Ukaegbu, Opuriche Mbadiugha, Rita Chioma, Chika Nmezi and Nnenna Joy Ugorji.

Others were: Jovita Ike, Aky Mbalewe-Onuoha, Esther Ihionu, Edith Onyegemezu, Chinyere Amazu, Veronica Ike, Ekwy Eze, Mary Kemakolam, Kate Ogbuehi, Eucharia Mbagwu, Eucharia Nwogu, Caro Ogbuagu, Ngozi Ikeji, Nkechi Ojinnaka, Beauty Agwumezie, Chinyere Ekekwe, Ify Onyeiwu, Joy Onyenekwe and Stella Odidika.



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