Welcome party for Princess Gilbert in Detroit Michigan USA”

Welcome party for Princess Gilbert in Detroit Michigan USA”

The Igbo community organized a welcome party to celebrate Princess Gilbert’s 60th birthday at the Igbo Center in Detroit, Michigan on Friday, April 8, 2022. The guests and community leaders were treated to a delightful dinner, drinks, and music from a DJ.

The event also featured the traditional kola nut ceremony led by several Igbo leaders. The kola nut symbolizes various values such as peace, unity, reconciliation, integrity, life, fraternity, hospitality, goodwill, and kindness in Igbo culture.

The highlight of the occasion was the overwhelming display of affection for Princess Gilbert, who was showered with money and well wishes by the enthusiastic attendees.

The event was covered by Excel Global Media Group USA, a company that publishes Excel Magazine international and produces Excel TV, under the leadership of its CEO, Boniface Ihiasota. Stay tuned to our platform for more event coverage.



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