Woman of Purpose: Celebrating Ijeoma Adiuku’s Impactful Life

Woman of Purpose: Celebrating Ijeoma Adiuku’s Impactful Life


Celebrating Woman of Purpose, Ijeoma Adiuku


Ijeoma’s birthday on the 15th of January is a significant milestone that is a testament to her achievements. She expresses gratitude for God’s favor in her life, which has brought impact and made a difference. As the youngest child in a wonderful family, Ijeoma has been a blessing to them and has experienced love and kindness that have shaped her life. She has been rewarded for her good deeds, breaking barriers, and enjoying God’s blessings. With two beautiful children, Ijeoma describes them as the source of daily joy and brightness in her life.

Her leadership style is exceptional, and she acknowledges it as a gift from God. She is currently the leader of the Women’s Ministry at Mount Zion Believers, a position she has held for eight years. Her devotion to God is unwavering, and she is vocal about her love for Him and His work. She uses her God-given talent to spread the Gospel and is the leader of the worship team at Mount Zion Believers.

Ijeoma is dedicated to making a difference in her community, evident by her position as the secretary for Okpu Eziudo USA, a community association. She values education and has recently completed her BSN program with Magna cum Laude Honors. She strongly believes in the power of dreams and pursuing them relentlessly.

When discussing her interests, she stated that her goal is to pursue further education and attain the highest degree in nursing, a doctorate. Currently, she is employed as an MDS Coordinator at a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center, a management role she has held for 15 years.

Speaking further, she said ;

I owe all my achievements, listed and unlisted to God almighty who has seen me through thick and thin. Like any other person, I have also had my share of challenges in life and God continues to be faithful to me. That is why I make Shakara on this day and beyond to give him all glory and adoration


EXCEL MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL team joins in celebrating this exceptional person and commends her for consistently displaying rare qualities.

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