On September 13, 2022, we want to extend a warm birthday tribute to Mr. Ihiasota Boniface, who is the CEO of Excel Global Media Group and the boss of Excel Magazine International, Excel Travel and Style Magazine, and Excel TV. These media outlets are all affiliated with Excel Global Media Group, a media organization headquartered in the United States that highlights excellence in people, places, and events while also promoting Africa’s news globally through multimedia journalism.


Mr. Ihiasota is a journalist, publisher, entrepreneur, and philanthropist hailing from Imo State, Nigeria. Despite his humble beginnings, he worked hard to achieve success. He also serves on the board of the KED Disability Africa Organization, a charity based in Texas that supports individuals with disabilities in Africa and around the world.


Despite starting out as a photographer and having only himself and God to rely on for motivation, Mr. Ihiasota persevered and earned his way through school, ultimately achieving a university degree. He even trained some of his younger peers along the way. Rather than succumbing to peer pressure or engaging in illicit activities to fit in, Mr. Ihiasota exemplifies the power of hard work and consistency. With God’s help, he was able to work his way to success.


Mr. Ihiasota’s journey in media began before he even entered university. He started as a photojournalist and worked with other media organizations in various capacities, including as a representative, regional head, and correspondent. Through these experiences, he built strong connections and made significant contributions. Eventually, he established his own media organization, Excel Magazine International.


Mr. Ihiasota has expanded his media organization, Excel Magazine International, from its roots in Imo State, Nigeria to major cities such as Lagos and Abuja. With the help of God, the organization has also established branches in several other African countries including Ghana, Liberia, and Kenya.


Thanks to his dedication to excellence in journalism, Mr. Ihiasota has garnered global recognition and received numerous awards and professional certifications both locally and internationally. He has covered many high-profile events in Nigeria and around the world, including exclusive coverage of the funerals of Ghanaian President Atta Mills and Nelson Mandela. Excel Magazine International was also the only African magazine to provide coverage of the US-African Leaders Summit hosted by President Barack Obama in August 2014 in the United States. While Mr. Ihiasota continues on his path to success, he has already achieved much in his career.


Since 2014, Excel Magazine International has been accredited by both the White House and the United Nations. As the organization’s publisher, Mr. Boniface covers high-level bilateral negotiations involving Nigeria at the United Nations, as well as African Affairs in the United States.


Excel Magazine International is dedicated to celebrating African excellence in different countries on the continent and abroad, and is actively working to bring together Nigerians and Africans in the Diaspora through its media platforms.


Mr. Ihiasota values his reputation as a hardworking and honest individual, and recognizes the role that his efforts have played in elevating Excel Magazine International to its current enviable position in the magazine publication industry.


Mr. Ihiasota aspires to transform his company into a world-renowned media empire that will be recognized for its excellence by Africans across the globe, leaving a lasting legacy as a reliable and trustworthy mouthpiece for all.


Excel Global Media Group has never been involved in any scandals or disreputable activities with clients or business partners, and has consistently delivered exceptional services as a media outlet across various countries without any breaches. Mr. Ihiasota is committed to maintaining this high standard of excellence.


On behalf of the entire team and crew at Excel Global Media Group, we extend our warmest congratulations and best wishes to our exceptional leader and boss on his birthday. May he enjoy long life, good health, and continued success in all his endeavors.


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