Today, we’re featuring Egor Efiok (also known as LadyBoss), a British/Nigerian filmmaker who has won multiple awards and has been trained in Hollywood. She is the founder of E4PR, a PR firm that focuses on rebranding celebrities to fit her “Hollywood meets Nollywood” vision.


Efiok is currently an Africa Correspondent for Hollywood Weekly Magazine and the only Nigerian member of the board of trustees for the renowned Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival (HWMFF).


Her dedication to the entertainment industry and practical work approach have distinguished her in her field. She has never shied away from pushing boundaries, no matter how controversial.


The Journey To Becoming


Egor Efiok was born in Liverpool, England to Nigerian parents and showed early signs of artistic talent that her parents noticed. Although she pursued a degree in Education at the University of Greenwich, London and taught for eight years, she eventually returned to her passion for writing, acting, and filmmaking.


Her first film, “Turning Point,” which was co-produced with Niyi Towolawi, was shot in both America and Nigeria and featured Hollywood actors like Ernie Hudson, Joe Estevez, Cynda Williams, Todd Bridges, and KD Aubert, as well as Nollywood actors such as Igoni Archibong, Patience Ozokwor, Ebbe Bassey, Jackie Appiah, Oge Okoye, and Enyinna Nwigwe. The film exemplified Efiok’s “Hollywood Meets Nollywood” concept.


Prior to “Turning Point,” Egor Efiok had produced several movies in the Callywood industry, including “Murder on the Monorail,” “Kibeban,” “I Am Bassey,” and “The Father.”


Bagging Those Awards


Egor Efiok’s film “Turning Point” received several accolades, including eight awards and an African Oscar (also known as NAFCA). Her success was celebrated at the “Fascinating Nigeria” event in July 2013 at the Nigerian Presidential Villa in Aso Rock, Abuja FCT.


Efiok’s most recent screenplay, “The Dark Passage Home,” was also recognized for its excellence. It won the “Most Outstanding Screenplay 2018” at the US Hollywood Golden Screen Award and the GOLD award at the International Independent Film Awards 2019. The script was also a finalist at the 2019 Mallorca Film Festival.


A Multifaceted Celebrity


Previously, Egor Efiok worked in the government of Cross River State as the Director General (DG) of Callywood. She is currently the President of Professional Filmmakers Of Nigeria (PFN) and serves as the Matron of Ambassadors For Enterprise (AFE).


Efiok is a talent manager and also the founder and CEO of E4PR, a PR firm that has collaborated with Nollywood celebrities such as Monalisa Chinda, Desmond Elliot, Chioma Akpotha, and Ejike Asiegbu.


Joining the Hollywood Ranks


Egor Efiok serves as both the Africa Correspondent and Ambassador for Hollywood Weekly Magazine. She is also the sole Nigerian representative on the board of trustees for the highly regarded Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival.


In her role as a sales agent for Nigerian filmmakers, Egor travels to various international film markets to secure distribution rights for their films. Furthermore, she utilizes her position within the international film community to recommend deserving Nigerians for prestigious Hollywood awards.


As a special bonus, the individuals who receive these awards are also given the opportunity to be highlighted and showcased in Hollywood Weekly Magazine.


Egor Efiok suggested that Reno Omokri be honored with the MOST OUTSTANDING HUMANITARIAN CAUSE award at the Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival & Awards Ceremony in 2019, in recognition of his worldwide #FreeLeahSharibu campaigns, during his time as the Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on New Media. Egor plans to leverage her connections in both Hollywood and Nigeria to foster greater recognition and collaboration between the Nigerian tourism and filmmaking sectors.

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