The House of Lamaica Couture

The House of Lamaica Couture

Marvalyn Nelson’s House of Lamaica Couture offers a unique selection of purses, jewelry, and other fashion accessories. The brand offers a sense of contemporary design and flair, specializing in one-of-a-kind jewelry, purses, and clothes.

Marvalyn Nelson is a Florida-based designer that has over 25 years of experience producing gorgeous and beautiful patterns. The American headquarters of the Jamaican fashion house House of Lamaica Couture. Year after year, her collections are nothing less than extraordinary. Marvalyn’s influence on the fashion business is still felt both nationally and internationally.

Excel Rolls Royce

Excel Rolls Royce Luxury Car Photo Shoot | Photographer: Kwame Anyane-Yeboa | Model: Kateryna Saveiko | Designer: House of Lamaica Couture | Makeup: LaKia Curtis & Nicole Simmons | Hair Stylist: Leah Foley

Designer: Marvalyn Nelson | Label: House of Lamaica Couture | Website:

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