Jazmin Anderson is a unique media personality who embodies humanity

Jazmin Anderson is a unique media personality who embodies humanity

The name Jazmin Ave Anderson is not a name but also synonymous to versatility and experience


She is a television personality from Long Beach, California, who has a strong desire to bring people from different parts of the world together in a warm and charming manner that leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets.

Jazmin, a media professional with over ten years of experience, has made a positive impact in various fields such as hosting events, radio and television shows. Her work extends to podcasting and social media, which has given a new dimension to the media industry. Her passion for journalism started in high school and she has pursued it ever since, displaying humility, love, and creativity. Her career in media began at the young age of 17.

Jazmin has an extensive work experience that spans over a decade. In 2010, she worked on the Deborah Duncan Show and Good Morning Houston. She also co-hosted The Vangundy Show in 2013. Jazmin worked with Yahoo Radio Sports and ESPN in 2014, and from 2015 to 2020, she provided sound bite coverage on Radio Row for the Super Bowl. During her career, Jazmin has had the opportunity to interview various celebrities, including Mathew Knowles, Yolanda Adams, Lisa Raye, Jaheim, Carl Payne, Eric Benett, DeeRay Davis, and Lil Flip, among others. She is also the founder of JTV ONE global television, where she writes, produces, and conducts interviews with guests to share their success stories, inspiring many people along the way.


Jazmin Anderson, a media personality, published her debut book “Live Fully” in 2019, which outlines Ten Golden Rules for living a rich life. She also wrote her second book, “A Powerful Woman,” to encourage women to recognize and utilize their gifts and talents. Jazmin received recognition as a media personality from Broadcast Houston and was honored with the Mayor Yolanda Ford Award for a Salute of Excellence in making a difference. She has also been commended by Council-member Elien R. Cohen for her contributions to Houston and involvement in Girls Who Brunch Tour.


Jazmin Anderson is a woman of exceptional values who has conducted interviews in various fields such as sports, entertainment, fashion, religion and politics. She is a firm believer in pursuing one’s dreams with dedication and determination. Despite her numerous achievements and successes, she has remained grounded and committed to humanity while revolutionizing the media industry with her unique style and elegance.


As a result of her hard work and commitment, she was selected to be part of the EXCEL GLOBAL MEDIA GROUP CREW in Houston, Texas. The EXCEL team has commended her for her strong work ethic and exceptional values of excellence and determination.


Jazmin has demonstrated that race should not be a barrier to setting high standards, and she serves as an inspiration to women, men, and people worldwide.

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