Meet Moji Taiwo: The Nigerian-Canadian Inspiring Millions Across the Globe

Meet Moji Taiwo: The Nigerian-Canadian Inspiring Millions Across the Globe

The statement describes Moji Taiwo, a Nigerian Canadian who has made an impact by inspiring people through her book, mentorship, and development work. She has also been able to share the story of an immigrant in a concise and detailed manner. This means that Moji Taiwo is not only an accomplished author and mentor but also someone who has the ability to effectively communicate and share the experiences of immigrants with others.


Moji Taiwo is a community organizer and author who lives in Canada. She is highly successful and active in organizing events and programs in the community of Calgary, Alberta. As a retired civil servant, she advocates for causes that help families, women, and children. Moji Taiwo has received several awards in recognition of her achievements both in her professional career and community work


She authored the book “I give because I am blessed”.


She promotes the idea of embracing positive uniqueness and shares her own story of starting from humble beginnings to achieve success in life, particularly as a minority. Moji emphasizes the importance of being passionate about serving others, maintaining a strong work ethic, and cultivating a positive attitude to inspire others to live their best lives.


Moji Taiwo was born in Lagos, Nigeria and later moved to Canada in 1978. She is an advocate for family, women, and children’s causes, and has received several community and professional awards, including the Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary Volunteer award in 2018 and the “Corrections Exemplary Bar Award” in 2015. Additionally, she is an accomplished author and speaker who is based in Canada.


The story of story

Moji Taiwo’s exceptional leadership qualities were further recognized when she received the ‘Solicitor General and Public Security Leadership Award’ and the ‘Corrections Exemplary Service Medal Award’. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Lethbridge, and also holds a Diploma in Radio Arts (Broadcasting) from Lethbridge Community College.

Moji Taiwo has had a diverse career, which includes serving as the Justice and Solicitor General for the government of Alberta from 1984 to 2015. She has also worked as the Deputy Director at the Young Offender Branch and Unit Supervisor at the Calgary Young Offender Centre, playing an instrumental role in rehabilitating youths to become productive members of society. Moji was a member of the Government of Alberta Supervisor Certificate Review Team from 2007 to 2008. Additionally, she is a founding member, executive member, and volunteer member of the Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary. Moji’s exceptional qualities as a wife, mother, and grandmother earned her the Congress of Black Women, Calgary Chapter Volunteer Award and the Fashion Has No Borders “Every Woman Competition” Award, which recognizes outstanding talents, inner and outer beauty, strength, and community service.


Moji has also given a speech at the Rotary Calgary East event, where she shared her book and personal experience. In addition to being a grandmother of three sons, she has been featured on various local and international platforms.


Excel Magazine international resonates with this outstanding individual who has projected Africa in a positive light and has positively impacted numerous young people around the world.

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