Mary and Rodney got married in a traditional wedding ceremony in Maryland, USA, symbolizing the merging of their two families into one.

Mary and Rodney got married in a traditional wedding ceremony in Maryland, USA, symbolizing the merging of their two families into one.

By Ihiasota Boniface

While many love stories may begin with instant attraction, some are more unique and require time to develop and flourish with a strong foundation. Mary and Rodney’s love story is one such example, where they took their time to build a deep connection before finally tying the knot in a traditional ceremony on Saturday, 2nd July 2022 at the Banquet Hall Mitchelville in Maryland, USA.

The banquet hall was filled with the family and friends of the newlyweds who had come to celebrate with them, in response to the invitation from the parents of the couple, namely Mr. and Mrs. E. Amaechi (the bride’s parents) and Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Evans Sr. (the groom’s parents).

The event venue was brimming with the well-wishers and relatives of the newly married couple, who had come to celebrate and acknowledge the invitation extended by the couple’s parents – Mr. & Mrs. E. Amaechi (Bride’s parents) and Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Evans Sr. (Groom’s parents).

The event hall was decorated to create a typical traditional wedding atmosphere with green leaf-like walls and roof decorations, and props that represented the Igbo tradition. The wedding cake, which was white and gold with coral icing, had a royal feel.

The bride, Mary Amaechi, wore a beautiful flowing yellow sequined dress and complemented it with a gold necklace, giving her the appearance of royalty. Likewise, the groom, Rodney, dressed in a bespoke native outfit of a similar yellow color, and wore a crown-like ornament on his head, exuding the look of an Igbo prince.

Mary and Rodney had known each other for a long time and had feelings for each other, but they kept it a secret and remained friends. Their friendship was established through their shared faith, and their love story is a journey worth telling.

The couple, who looked stunning together, were previously only church acquaintances and exchanged nothing more than casual greetings. They were both members of the Capitol Hill Baptist Church and dedicated to serving the Lord, studying the Bible together. It was only in 2021 that Rodney and Mary realized that they wanted to spend their lives together.

The couple confided in their intimate friends about their feelings for each other and what makes them happy. As with any strong relationship, they encountered challenges when Rodney had to move to Pennsylvania to pursue his calling as a full-time clergyman.

Thankfully, the couple’s love remained unshaken despite Rodney’s move to Pennsylvania to pursue his career as a full-time clergyman. Mary and Rodney expressed gratitude for the strong bond they had built during this period, and their relationship continued to thrive. In their own words, “Through God’s grace, we maintained a strong friendship during this time, and our love continued to blossom even after Rodney’s move to Pennsylvania in the fall.”

Following a series of dates and spending quality time together, Rodney proposed to Mary on February 12, 2022, during a date at George Washington’s Estates in Mount Vernon, VA. Their engagement marked the beginning of the final step in their journey towards a lifetime commitment to each other.

All of us at Excel Magazine International are happy to share in the couple’s joy and we wish them a very happy marriage.


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