My Modelling is to build Self Confidence”- Houston kid model, Amiyah Danielle

My Modelling is to build Self Confidence”- Houston kid model, Amiyah Danielle

The focus of our attention today is Amiyah Danielle Roberts, a 10-year-old model from Houston whose enthusiasm for her work is truly motivating. She is the current Miss Texas America Nation winner for the year 2022, and we had the opportunity to speak with her about her life and career.

Tell us about yourself.

A: My name is Amiyah Danielle Roberts. I am 10 years old, and I live in Houston, Texas (Known as the Lone star State). I attend A.A. Milne Elementary, and I am currently in the fifth grade. I am an A and B student. I am the captain of my cheerleading squad at A A Milne, I participate in drum, step team, and basketball.

What do you enjoy doing?

A: My hobbies are singing, dancing, modeling, participating in fashion shows and acting. I also enjoy communicating with people and reading. I love to attend church and I enjoy reading my Bible. I am a member of Braeswood Assembly of God Church, where I sing in the youth choir, and I’m under the leadership of Pastor Steve Banning.

Would you consider modelling in the future?

A: Yes, this is a passion of mine and I really enjoy it. I especially love meeting people, and not only that, my modeling is to build Self Confidence for youth empowerment.

What’s your modelling portfolio like?

A: I have had the opportunity to model in Lansing, IL.; Las Vegas, NV.; and in Bastrop, LA. I also have some upcoming events to model in Dallas, TX and in July 2022 back to Lansing IL. I have also acted in a stage play called “Why do love Hurt so much.” And am currently participating in the filming of a play called, “The birth of the white Liver.”

Best wishes from the Excel team as you journey onwards.

A: Thanks

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