Sean Ekekwe: Ambitious Physiotherapist Trained in the United States at a Young Age

Sean Ekekwe: Ambitious Physiotherapist Trained in the United States at a Young Age

Today, our focus is on Dr. Sean Ekekwe, an ambitious physiotherapist who received his training in the United States. He is deeply passionate about assisting individuals in attaining their fullest potential in life after undergoing physical injury or surgery. Sean was born in Washington D.C and grew up in Bowie, Maryland, USA.

Sean Ekekwe,

During his childhood, he displayed a natural inclination towards assisting those in need, which he demonstrated by taking care of his older brother during his “crisis” episodes caused by sickle cell disease. This experience taught Sean valuable lessons in teamwork and helped him develop his skills in this area.

Sean Ekekwe and colleague

Sean earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology from the University of Maryland in 2016, during which time he shadowed professionals in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation. This experience inspired him to pursue further education, and he subsequently enrolled at the University of St. Augustine in Florida. In 2018, he earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, with a particular focus on manual therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation.


Sean began his career working at an outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation facility, but due to the pandemic, he decided to start his own practice, Final Form Physical Therapy. When establishing his practice, Sean considered his passion for community involvement and his desire to provide high-quality care to those seeking to optimize their health after experiencing injury or surgery.


In addition to his professional pursuits, Sean is also a sports enthusiast and participates in both wrestling and rugby.

Sean Ekekwe

Excel Magazine International celebrates the young, brave and ambitious Dr. Sean Ekekwe!



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